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Choose a New Electric Bike in Sarasota, FL

Maybe you'd rather bike than drive, but you don't have enough time to bike to where you need to go. Or perhaps you want to start biking for the first time, but you worry that you're not in shape enough to bike for long distances. An electric bike in Sarasota, FL can provide the perfect solution.

Electric bikes are faster and easier to ride than regular bikes because they include an electric motor. Yet they still require you to pedal, so you can get a great workout. In fact, one research study found that people who started riding electric bikes to work became healthier and fitter, with less overall body fat.

At Sarasota Cycle, we believe buying electric bikes should be affordable and fun. That's we supply the highest quality Trek electric bikes for low prices. We can also customize or repair your electric bike at any time.
Benefits of Our Electric Bike Services
As a Trek platinum dealer, we have the most impressive electric bike models from Trek right here in our shop. Some of the top Trek models we carry include the Powerfly 7 FS Plus, the CrossRip+, and the Powerfly 5 Women's. You can visit our 2,000-square-foot showroom to take a close look at our electric bike selection. Our experienced employees are happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right bike model for you.

Buying from us is unique because we can build you a custom electric bike in Sarasota, FL. If you want special features or adjustments to your electric bike, we can meet your needs.

We also offer electric bike repair in Sarasota, FL. If you ever have an issue with your electric bike, you can bring it directly to our shop for quick, experienced repair service.

Our family-owned business offers the largest bike selection in the area. Call or visit us today to choose your new electric bike!